Avilés, la Villa del Adelantado

The neighboring council of Avilés, we have it just 10 minutes (by car) from our rural house.It is located in the northern center of the Asturian coast, with an area of ​​25.34 km2, and a population that reaches 81,000 inhabitants, when just over a decade ago it exceeded 86,000.Although, it is one of the smallest municipalities of Asturias, its greatness goes back to the Middle Ages, being in those times the second city of the Principality.

Avilés, is a cozy place to visit and stay to know its historic center, parks, industry, gastronomy, history, characters …

When speaking of personages, it is forced to do it of Pedro Menéndez de Avilés, born in this town the 15 of February of 1519, dying in Santander the 17 of September of 1574. Known military, marine and governor of the Indies, conquering the Florida of San Agustín in 1565. At 35 he was appointed Captain General of the Fleet of the Indies by Philip II. At 46 he reached the maximum rank within the Spanish Armada. A series of statues “immortalize” him in the Parque del Muelle.

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