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Pet Friendly Accommodation Casa Maria La Carbayeda

At Casa Maria La Carbayeda, Pet Friendly Lodging we love animals and believe that families should be able to travel with their pets as members of the family they are. At Casa Maria La Carbayeda, your pet is always welcome. Visit our land and share it with your pet.

Alojamiento Pet Friendly en Asturias, Casa Rural María La Carbayeda

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General conditions

  • In the event that the pet assaults someone in the immediate vicinity of the accommodation will be the responsibility of his guardian, the possible costs and / or damage caused.
  • If necessary, they must have safety elements (leash, muzzle, etc.).
  • In the event that the pet shows unusual behaviour, its guardian shall be responsible for it.
  • If your pet is quiet and used to interact with other people, it is always welcome in our house.
  • Any pet must be free of fleas, ticks, etc. and up to date with its deworming and vaccinations.
  • The pet must wear its identification collar and a leash in cases where it is required.
  • The pet should sleep in a space in the house under the care of its guardian and preferably in a pet bed where possible.
  • Under no circumstances should the pet be bathed in the bathroom or toilet used by guests (the use of dry shampoo is recommended).
  • In the event that the pet defecates or urinates on the premises, it will be the responsibility of its guardian to clean up the area.
  • The guardian must supervise your pet both inside and outside the accommodation (terrace, garden, etc.).
  • Under no circumstances are animals of the mustélid family (ferrets, martens, etc.) allowed.