Logo Casa Rural Carbayeda. Asturias

La Carbayeda s/n
33449 San Martín de Cardo
Gozón, ASTURIAS. Spain


Latitude 43°3438.40“N — Longitude 5°4954.52“W

Location Map

Discover the most Northern territory of Asturias!


Near Casa María La Carbayeda

The location of the house is excellent for getting to know the coast and Asturias in general. It is in the north centre of the province, between the town of Avilés, one of the 3 main cities of Asturias and the fishing town of Luanco, capital of the council of Gozón.

This privileged location allows the visitor to explore many places within a radius of less than 15 kilometres. Amongst other points of interest, the visitor can visit the old quarter of Avilés, one of the best preserved in the Peninsula, the Niemeyer Cultural Centre, a sculptural building designed by the recently deceased Oscar Niemeyer, the only work in Spain by the renowned Brazilian architect.

In Luanco, you can visit the Asturias Maritime Museum or its old fishing port, and within the Council of Gozón you can marvel at the cliffs of Cabo de Peñas, its lighthouse and Interpretation Centre. Because of its location, its landscapes and because it is the most important lighthouse in Asturias, it is a point of special interest in the region. Also, worth mentioning are the spectacular landscapes of the council with beaches such as Verdicio (Tenrero) and Xagó, the latter being one of the longest in Asturias, almost 2 kilometres long. Photos Tourism Asturias.

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