Suitable rural accommodation

Adapted rural accommodation Casa María La Carbayeda

The Casa María La Carbayeda adapted rural accommodation, located in the province of Asturias, is one of the few of its characteristics in the Council of Gozón, within the Cabo de Peñas region, a point of special interest and “balcony” to the Cantabrian Sea.

Physical accessibility. Environment and surroundings of the house

Reception and lobby

The adapted rural accommodation is located in a closed private estate and has a 100 square meter garage where you can park up to 5 cars, a garden area and a barbecue. Once we have parked the car in the garage, it can be accessed from the same, directly to the house, with difficulty for people using wheelchairs due to the existence of a ramp with a slope of 20% and a length of 1.50 meters and through 2 doors of 0.90 meters of useful passage, with lever handle at 1.00 meter from the ground. The access can also be made from the porch of the house, leaving the garage that gives way to a perfectly smooth sidewalk that surrounds a part of the house.

The owner receives the guest in the hall of the house to indicate the room adapted for people with reduced mobility, which is located on the ground floor.

Main entrance

The main access is wide and at zero height, the access to the adapted rural accommodation is made from a ramp with a small slope of less than 10%, a door with a useful passage of 0.86 meters and with a lever handle located at 0.86 meters from the ground.

Alojamiento adaptado Casa Rural María La Carbayeda

Internal routes

Both the spaces in the living room and in the corridor to the bedroom and bathroom remain unchanged and only the corridor narrows by 1.03 metres.

  • Access to the kitchen through a door of 0.70 meters of useful passage with a lever handle at 1 meter from the floor.
  • Equipped with a dishwasher.
  • It has a worktop height of 0.84 metres (without a gap underneath).
  • Single-lever taps.
  • Table 0.84 metres high with a hole of 0.68 metres.
  • Turning radius over 1.20 metres.
  • Window with lever handle at 1.50 metres.
  • Light mechanism at 1.10 metres from the floor.
  • The toilet considered as practicable is located on the ground floor and has a door width in its entirety of 1.56 meters and partially of 0.76 meters.
  • The toilet with a height of 0.40 meters has 2 bars, both folding, located at a height of 0.82 meters and 0.70 meters apart.
  • The cistern is operated by a handle.
  • The washbasin has a foot and a maximum height of 0.83 meters, the faucet is single-lever.
  • The mirror is 0.95 metres from the floor.
  • The electrical mechanisms are located 1.20 metres from the floor.
  • The accessories are located at a maximum height of 0.90 metres.
  • The shower tray, which is flush with the floor, measures 1.00 x 1.50 metres and has a single bar, a wheelchair for the bath and an auxiliary support at a height of 0.90 metres with single-lever taps.
Adapted room
  • Access to it is through a door whose free width is 0.70 metres.
  • On both sides of the bed there is a space of 0.80 meters, but at the feet the space is 0.66 meters, due to the location of the wardrobe.
  • The height of the bed is 0.50 metres, the height of the bedside tables is 0.53 metres and the wardrobe bar is 1.70 metres, with shelves at different heights.
  • The light mechanisms are 0.90 metres from the floor.
Living room
  • The dining room is spacious and has areas where you can make turns of more than 1.50 meters.
  • The dimensions of the dining table are 0.75 metres maximum height, 0.635 metres free height and 0.73 metres free space width.
Other adapted áreas
  • The adapted accommodation also has a garden area with a barbecue at the back. The access to both areas must be done through a route with 2 slopes, one softer and the other more pronounced of more than 24 %.

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